Today there are wide opportunities for the use of electronic technologies for remote communications to ensure the activities of the board of directors. These digital solutions have pros and cons. In this article, we will consider the cons of virtual board meetings.

Online format as a good alternative to organize a board meeting

In the times of Corona, team meetings or board meetings on the Internet are a good alternative. During self-isolation, online events have experienced an accelerated evolution. If at the beginning of quarantine they were held according to the formula: “We are forced to hold our long-planned event, but now in this format”, now the idea of many online events arises based on the thought: “Now we can hold our events in an online format because the market already has all the tools for this.”

On the one hand, different technologies can now be tested. The tools for video and telephone conferences, whether Board portals, Webex, GoToMeeting, or Microsoft Teams, are web-based and are offered as software-as-a-service. So they can be canceled monthly. They now also offer many collaboration features. For external participants, the technology is neither time-consuming nor complicated.

The reality is that keeping all board members working in sync is often a challenge. It is also not always possible for every participant in a business meeting to be physically present, which increases the complexity of this task to another level. This is where board meeting software comes into play. This type of software helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures that everyone is in agreement and has up-to-date information.

Basic differences between two formats of board events

There are three main differences between offline and online board meetings:

    • The presence of imagination. In an online event, you must imagine how the viewer reacts to your messages, his emotions. Offline you see it, online you have to imagine it.
    • Offline, the moderator necessarily coordinates his actions with numerous technical services responsible for the final result. Online, this function is supplemented by the competence of a TV production specialist. The online moderator works with several cameras, monitors, laptops, gadgets and collects all these information streams into a single whole on the air. It is the prompt and clear coordination of interactions between the moderator and all broadcast services that guarantee you a high-quality picture that always appears at the right time and in the right form.
    • Online, the moderator also needs the ability to speak to the camera, the ability to communicate directly, so that the viewer has the appropriate feeling that they are talking directly to him alone, and not to the mass, as happens offline.

The most common disadvantages of the online board meetings

The online format of the meetings of collegial bodies has some negative aspects:

    • No matter how hard the reporter tries, the online board meeting does not achieve the same emotional connection as during live communication. And this is a very important aspect on which the effectiveness of the meeting depends.
    • Since the virtual board meeting is a new tool for conferences, many reporters accustomed to working with a live audience are simply lost in front of the monitor. As a result, the rhythm and drive of the performance are lost.
    • The right meeting management software will act as an effective communication tool between board members, while the wrong one will do more harm than good. So, choosing a good digital platform for online board meetings is a real challenge.